The park is open every day of the year during daylight hours. The main gates close and open on an automatic timer. If the main gates are closed, the park is still open to pedestrians and cars can be parked outside the gates. If cars are still parked inside after the gates have closed for the evening, they can be opened by driving up to a spot near the gates (the gates will open towards inside).


Admission is free but donations are welcome and needed. 


Park Guides showing the walking tracks are available at the Information Kiosk at the Park entrance. Learn more here.


Dogs are allowed to visit the park with their owners, but they must be kept on a lead at all times and owners should be prepared to remove any doggy doos. PLEASE BE AWARE – poison bait for rabbits is quite often laid around the park. It is not laid by the tracks but could be nearby. This is a very good reason to have your dog on a lead. Rabbit poison can be fatal to dogs. 


The circular track takes about 45 minutes to walk, but if you like exploring you could spend twice as long and still not see it all. We recommend stout footwear be worn. Only the lower grass lawns are wheelchair accessible at the present time.


Te Puna Quarry Park is managed and is being developed by the Te Puna Quarry Park Society Incorporated. A Committee of 10 oversees progress and plans the future development of the park. The Committee members are all hard working volunteers who bring various skills to the task of running the Park.


At the present time, the Te Puna Quarry Park Society Inc. has a membership of approximately 230 plus various supporting companies and organisations.  Many members choose to support passively with their membership subscription alone and others are very generous with their donations. Every member and supporter receives the Society newsletter. If you would like to join us, click below.


Funding comes from donations collected by our donation boxes at the gate, Society membership, donations from members and others, and by applying for grants from local government and charitable funding organisations. If you would like to support us with funding, please consider becoming a friend of the quarry, or donating online.

The Society gratefully acknowledges the assistance of many businesses, organisations, groups and individuals who have contributed in many different ways over the years.  We especially acknowledge the ongoing support of these organisations:


The park is situated at the end of Quarry Road (length 1 km, which runs off State Highway 2, 15km west of Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty, North Island of New Zealand.


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