The Future for the Park

Many were the suggestions that came from the local community when the Quarry Park was first launched. Many of these suggestions have been implemented, but now it is exciting to plan for more development. With advent of the Gallery we now have a facility for art workshops - a place suitable for many different events perhaps involving artists, potters, writers, spinners and weavers, or sculptors.

The native bush areas on the east and west sides of the quarry face will gradually be opened up with improved walking tracks.

One of our most important visions was an amphitheatre that functions as an art statement, but also for use for poets, singers, actors, musicians, and other performing artists. This has been started in a small way as a natural grassed amphitheatre and has been used in this form for several years now. As funds become available and demand dictates, we hope to eventually realise the full potential of a theatre that is an expression of a light environmental 'footprint' and yet is easily usable by performers and audience.

Removal of most of the rogue pine trees is a continuing project. There is a risk of damage from falling trees if this is not attended to.

These plans are bound to change with new ideas and new personnel becoming interested in the Quarry development over the years. We are always happy to listen to suggestions, although it may not always be possible to implement them



- A Community Development in the
Environmental Arts.

Plans for the Future

Develop more Bushwalks

Art Workshops


Amphitheatre improvements 

More Sculpture Symposiums

The Amphitheatre