About the Gardens

Planting at Te Puna Quarry Park commenced in 1997 with all the work and maintenance being carried out by volunteers.
By keeping some areas as specialised plant groups, we hope to make this a park of botanical interest.

Australian Area - Spring 2001 saw the commencement of planting Australian plants in this dedicated area.

Palm Grove - An area dedicated to palms was started and a variety of palm species have been planted with the assistance of the N.Z. Palm Society.


South African Area - Development of a South African area for proteaceae and bulbs commenced in 2002, and includes 80 strelizia with a continual display of flowers.


New Zealand Natives - Plantings are around the entrance/car park area and the Rotary Pond.  An educational Native Plant Arboretum on the western track was begun in 2000.


Heritage Roses - These were first planted in autumn, 2000.  The entrance pathway to this area has 170 rosa frau dagma.

Nikau Palms and Cabbage Trees - Over 50 Nikau palms (native to New Zealand) have been planted in a grove and are thriving as is an area nearby planted with native Cabbage Trees.


Cacti and Succulents 
- An interesting selection is thriving in arid conditions.

Bromeliads - This attractive collection is enjoying conditions under the pongas.


Orchids - These were one of the first plantings at the Park after a local commercial grower donated over 1000 cymbidiums.  They now number up to 3000 and are a major attraction from April to November, all growing outside. Many other species have now been added to the Orchid area including catteleya, odontoglossam and cypropedium.


Vireya Rhododendrons - Over fifty now planted and always some in flower.



Rhododendrons -  Several species are represented in this collection of seventy plus. 


Irises - Many species are represented in this area.



Herb Garden - A comprehensive herb garden has been established by local herb enthusiasts and now contains one of the national thyme collections for the Herb Federation of New Zealand.

Mixed Ornamentals -  Planting commenced in 1999 including Acer, Prunus, Michelia, Magnolias, Trachelospernum, Betula, Lavendula, Rosmarius, and Hibiscus.  Also of interest are Cercis Forest Pansy, and Quillaia saponaria, Damaropsis, and Strelitzia nicholai.  A large planting of Hemerocallis provides a colourful display with many different varieties.


Fuchsia Area - A colourful display 12 months of the year is provided by many different varieties growing in full sun!


Magnolias - This area is being developed (started in 2009) featuring a good selection of magnolias underplanted with helleborus and kalmia.


Butterfly Garden - A N.Z. Habitat Garden (one of three), is a popular addition to the Park featuring native Admiral butterflies and many Monarchs in a beautiful wild flower garden with many nectar flowers providing sustenance for the butterflies.

Clivias - A wonderful display of clivias can be seen flowering in spring under the pungas on the Sculpture Path.

Come and visit the park to enjoy all that these wonderful plants and flowers have to offer.